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Gentlemen and Bathroom Fixtures

April 8, 2009

A rough draft of the short play entitled Three Gents and a Sink has been added to “Section 23” underneath the Pages section.  The play is very short (it might end up as the abbreviated version in the future — we’ll see) and was written by Nancy’s gardner, Gerald “Grumple” Rumplemill.  So direct your complaints at him.


Nancy’s Fantastical Forray

April 5, 2009

Just added to “Section 19” under the Pages section is a draft of the short children’s story, Felice and the Wheelchair (A Beginning).  This was written by Nancy Wust in 1953.  Supposedly.

Correspondence Completion

April 1, 2009

The letters between Cedric and “I.O. Yankee” are finally complete.  They can be found within the Section 15 draft, in case you’ve forgotten.

The “Cedric Ike” Diaries

April 1, 2009



If you haven’t noticed, the newest addition to the “Pages” section is actually “Section 05”, and not “Section 28”.  In addition to being essential for the creation of the Ruleset (you’ll see how exactly when the footnotes finally come along), this section was shamelessly fun to write, and I encourage all to read it.