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Prototype Reading

December 16, 2008

Book Binders

December 16, 2008


So…above we have the cover design for one of the Character Books.

I learned from my play-testing event that a.) the existing game board was highly unnecessary, and b.) there were far too many elements floating around.  I decided that it would be best if I a.) eliminated the game board, and b.) combined the storybook, diary, biographies and background sheets into one object.  And so the Character Book was born.  Each player will have a Character Book — each book designed from the perspective of either Cedric or Nancy.

Although it is difficult to tell from the above visual, the different objects of the “piece” are all separate elements, and all of them have been taped together.  I chose tape rather than glue because elements taped together correctly yield a very satisfying, “popping” collage.  Glue, on the other hand, leaves things flat and lumpy.  I am now considering taking this idea further and including “pop-up” elements within the Character Book.

One mustn’t forget…a problem that needs to be addressed: I was forced to resort to turning the Character Book into a three-ringed binder.  Based upon my play-testing obvservations, I noticed that players had the tendancy to remove diary and storybook pages for easier writing and reading.  It would be swell if they could do the same with the official Character Books.  It would also be swell if the Character Book wasn’t a three-ring binder.  Suggestions are welcome.

Boorish Bores Breed Boards

December 16, 2008


This was a prototype for the game board.  I say “was” instead of “is” because the gameboard has been deemed unnecessary, courtesy of my play-testers.

Just so you know, the illustrations  on the board are once again reflective of the personal illustration style of either Cedric or Nancy.  Cedric penned the Chapter Squares and airship, Nancy was responsible for the whale.

Card Dance

December 16, 2008


Right.  So above we have samples of the three designs intended to be used for three of the playing card classes.  Ideally, these displayed designs would go on the back, and another illustration that corresponds to the specific narrative text goes on the front.

Nancy is the female…being, Cedric is the male, an odd representation of Vickerdowns is the house…tree…balloon-type structure.  Just so you know, the illustration styles on the cards are not reflective of…the game’s creator, but rather of the characters.  Cedric is responsible for illustrating his picture and Nancy’s; Nancy is responsible for illustrating Vickerdowns.

Also: The “Cedric” cards belong to the Main Narrative Line, the “Nancy” cards to the Short Story Line, and the “Vickerdowns” cards to the Dream Record.  The Letters storyline doesn’t have any cards at present, but then that’s a present in itself, isn’t it.